Thinking of You

Have you ever opened your mailbox and found a beautiful postcard from a friend who’s off on some sight-thrilling vacation? It says, “Here’s where I am. And I’m thinking of you.” Or maybe it’s the perfect greeting card and the artwork on front touches you, or the poetry inside hits just the right note. It’s like someone really knows you, and you feel cherished. You feel blessed and thankful.

There are times, when I pause to behold the natural wonders of creation, that I feel similar. I’ll get a sense of joy, gratitude, and the inexplicable notion that all is well.

But how can a fleeting view of wild beauty bring peace of mind? Why is the smell of a thunderstorm so invigorating? What makes a tumbling brook soothing? How does the glimmer of a star-scape evoke such serenity and amazement?

When morning light plays off a snowy mountain and cloud-halos soften the peaks, when wildflowers glow in a burnished summer sunset, when a warm breeze whispers through fragrant pinewoods, maybe it’s God saying “I am here. And I’m thinking of you.” 

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